New start

It’s me again, Margaret.

I decided to start with a new domain name; one that is perhaps easier to remember and more all encompassing for everything I may plan to do in the future. Right now it’s pretty basic around here but I have my eye on a custom logo for the header as well as a watermark for photos.

Some things I may blog about:

Travels. Most definitely.

Concerts (yay music!) and other events I may attend, both at home and while traveling.

In time I’m planning to get back into writing book reviews. I probably won’t import all of my old posts from the previous blog but I’m currently working on getting some back date posted here.

I’m considering discussing¬†what I’m writing, which will be mostly fan fiction of the Twilight variety. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) I have a couple of stories to finish as well as a new one I am itching to start working on.

There’s a slim chance I’ll post about makeup as well.

And there will definitely be some cooking and baking going on.

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and stop by to see what progress I’ve made in the coming weeks. Oh! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram!¬†The link is over in the side bar.

TBEX Huntsville Alabama

This weekend there is a little travel bloggers conference happening in Huntsville Alabama. When I call it “little” I’m being somewhat sarcastic because it is far from little. The TBEX conference is around 500 people and occurs all over the world and showcases speakers from various aspects of travel, seminars, classes, and a plethora of […]

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All the fur

So here I am, finally, trying to get this thing going again. I keep thinking about it, then forgetting, then remembering, then putting it off. Not that I don’t want to get started blogging again, because I do, but internet, I am lazy. That’s the honest truth. Also, the house I’ve lived in the last […]

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