Weekend shenanigans

I had some errands to run and my mother wanted to make a trip to Michael’s for an artificial pumpkin. We went a little nuts in there, let me tell you! They have so much Halloween and Fall stuff at 40% off! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Always has been, even though anything with a mask FREAKS ME OUT. We found so many cute things, most of which I did not take pictures because I was too excited to focus.

However, I did control myself a liiiitle bit. I picked up this cute sign because… Hocus Pocus! We also fell in love with and bought a pumpkin that glows but I didn’t take a picture of it. Then there’s the one pictures below. I’m debating what to do with it. My office maybe? I don’t know. It just screamed my name and I had to have it. I’ll figure out where to hang it later.

I had to pick up a baby shower gift so off to Target we went. It’s like babies are EVERYWHERE right now. I love shopping for them though, honestly. There are so many cute little things I often have a hard time deciding what to buy. This time I picked up a Babies R Us gift card (at the new parent’s request) but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this little bitty fuzzy pink THING. I don’t even know what this animal is supposed to be but look at those little ears on the hood.

After getting what I needed and heading to the front of the store I spotted these socks with CATS on them and had to stop. I don’t normally wear this kind of sock so I stood and stared and debated for a while. I randomly wear trouser socks, even though I don’t like them, but for the most part of I’m wearing a shoe that requires socks (like boots), I just go with plain white crew socks. But these were too cute to pass up. Then I noticed the other pack on clearance and bam, into the buggy they went.

It turned out to be a rather random but eventful expedition. So here’s my question… what’s your favorite holiday?

Baby you’re a firework

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