Fairy garden

I can’t believe I forgot to share these photos!! My mother really wanted a fairy garden and I helped her out recently. Flowers were purchased at Lowe’s, Fairy garden supplies from Michael’s. I went a little overboard taking pictures of the set up but I couldn’t help myself. Look how cute!!!!

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Woof and meow

This evening when I came from work these two wouldn’t leave their post in front of the front door. There was nothing else for me to do but grab my camera and start taking pictures. Allie [dog] wasn’t interested in the least, but Jasper [cat] likes the attention.   When he flares his whiskers out […]

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Wrecking Havoc and playing with Lightroom

I’ve been attending hockey games for my towns SPHL team this season. Since I’ve been trying to get more use out of my camera I decided to pull it out during this past weekend’s playoff game. These guys have played their hearts out this season and I’m so proud of them and everyone involved with […]

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All the fur

So here I am, finally, trying to get this thing going again. I keep thinking about it, then forgetting, then remembering, then putting it off. Not that I don’t want to get started blogging again, because I do, but internet, I am lazy. That’s the honest truth. Also, the house I’ve lived in the last […]

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Weekend Update

How is it almost May already?! Not much going on around here during the weekend. I’ve spent a good bit of time trying to finish reading The Shadows by J.R. Ward so I can get caught up on those books. I finished it at 2 am Sunday morning because I’d made it to a point where […]

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A day in NYC

I spent Labor Day weekend visiting my oldest friend, Kelly, and celebrating her sons first birthday! Kelly and I have been friends for years (thanks to Chris from *NSYNC) and it’s hard for me to believe she’s married and has a one year old. Time is crazy. I flew into EWR on Thursday, arrived around 3:30 […]

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