Food and fur

Hi!!! It’s Friday!!! Most week I’m not really trying to speed my way through the week but this one I was. Work is kicking my ass because of a conference I’m preparing for so I haven’t had much time to do anything but stare at my computer screen at work and print a million copies of paperwork.

So I’m only sharing a couple of random food things this week since I kept forgetting to take photos and then I realized that probably nobody else cares what I’m eating on the daily anyway. Last weekend I randomly discovered these and picked up a box to try. I love hummus and usually take an entire bowl to and from work every day. This seemed so convenient for rushed mornings when I don’t have time to gather all the stuff I usually take to work in my lunch bag.

I ate it for an afternoon snack and it was yummy!! Definitely picking up another box, maybe two, since it’s just three packages in a box. Go find yourself some of this! I picked up mine at wal-mart and I assume they can be found in lots of other grocery stores.

This weeks menu plans didn’t really happen as expected. The recipes we did end up preparing turned out great though! The above photo is of my plate of One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies from Damn Delicious. We’ve made multiple recipes from her blog and they’ve all been fantastic! I definitely recommend this one. The funny thing is, I don’t like honey, so I was slightly uncertain but it turned out so yummy.

This delicious little sandwich right here is the Italian Beef sandwich from Buns In My Oven, whom I’ve been following for a long while and absolutely love. I don’t normally eat beef but as I’ve come up with menu plans I’ve tried to pull a variety of recipes every week. I usually go for: a slow cooker recipe, something with ground turkey, boneless skinless chicken breast, then whatever else catches my eye. This has worked pretty well for us so far.

On Wednesday I had to leave work early so I could take Jasper to the vet. He is FIV Positive and I did a lot of research on it when we first got him, to make sure I knew what to keep an eye on. He’s had an upper respiratory infection previously and when he started sneezing and snoring loudly early in the week I didn’t feel comfortable waiting for the weekend for him to be seen. I’m so glad I listened to my gut because as soon as the vet started listening to his chest with his stethoscope he said: “oh buddy, you are so congested”. In the end we got a cortisone shot and some liquid antibiotics (twice a day) to treat it. If you’ve never tried giving a cat medication before, you should give it a go. Phew.

My weekend will probably be spent doing some cleaning, finishing up a few books, and maybe shopping with my mother. I really want to start a Gilmore Girls rewatch because I’ve yet to watch the Netflix thing but I also really want to do a rewatch of Beverly Hills 90210 also. The struggle. How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend?

Things I’m listening to this week: (podcasts) Gossip Guys, (books) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

What I’m currently obsessed with watching: Cedar Cove series, The Bold Type

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A smoking weekend

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Lots of food. Lots.

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Weekend errands and yummy things

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Fairy garden

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Lipsense try out

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