Chocolate eclipse

I baked a cake on Sunday! Just a simple two layer dark chocolate from a box mix (Duncan Hines heeeey) with chocolate icing. It didn’t dawn on me at the time but hey look I kinda baked the moon of an eclipse! Anywaaaaay, I did that and some cleaning and I spent the rest of the day trying to be lazy because I had a rough early Sunday morning. (Headache, vomit – fun times!)

Have you ever tried this So Delicious yogurt alternative? I’ve been avoiding dairy (and gluten) as much as possible for a few months but I really missed yogurt. I’m not a fan of coconut milk but I do like this yogurt alternative, especially with fruit and granola. I don’t know why I am not a fan of coconut milk since I love coconut (almond joy! coconut cake!). I don’t really care for cows milk either, soooo, if I eat cereal I usually go for almond milk. This yogurt is really good though! So far I’ve had the strawberry banana and this key lime flavor. There’s also a peach and raspberry and I want to try the former but not the later.

On Monday my office fed us lunch (burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken breast, fries, salad, baked beans) and then everyone drifted over to a nearby park to watch the Eclipse. I honestly wasn’t really all that interested in seeing it but I’m glad I went along for the festivities. I had my Canon point and shoot camera with me and took pictures of the park crowd and coworkers but didn’t attempt an eclipse photo. I read several articles about taking pictures of an eclipse and knew there was a change I could damage the camera sensor. I wasn’t really interested in that since my point and shoot is what I take to concerts.

The one thing I did read was to use a pair of eclipse glasses placed over the camera lens but I didn’t have a spare pair and didn’t want to ask someone else to give up theirs. It was a nice midday break though! It’s not often you get to casually hang out with coworkers you don’t get to interact with on a regular basis.

Were you in a state where you could view the eclipse? Did you manage to watch or were you just “meh” about the whole thing?

Beauty Bakerie Haul

I’ve recently noticed people talking about Beauty Bakerie and wanted to give it a try so I placed an order and it arrived today! I haven’t swatched the lip whip (lip stick) on my lips but I wanted to share photos of how cute the package was when it arrived! ¬†         […]

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HI INTERNET! I did not forget you. I’ve just been running in circles at work and I’m not great at this blogging thing and didn’t schedule posts. Anyway! Here I am! There’s lots of hubbub about the Solar Eclipse coming up on Monday. I think my area is expected to get about 94% eclipse? coverage? […]

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Food and fur

Hi!!! It’s Friday!!! Most week I’m not really trying to speed my way through the week but this one I was. Work is kicking my ass because of a conference I’m preparing for so I haven’t had much time to do anything but stare at my computer screen at work and print a million copies […]

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July 2017 Reads

There may be some spoilers here….   The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely My rating: 3 of 5 stars I like this one a little more than The Hot One but there was one scene that bugged me a little bit. Toward the end when Abby answered Simon’s door naked it really bothered me. Yes, […]

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A smoking weekend

On Friday I left work at 3:30 and went to the public library to renew my membership and get a pin to start checking out ebooks and audiobooks. I spend so much money on books and it seems silly that I’m not utilizing the library. I didn’t know that ours had an ebook and audiobook […]

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Lots of food. Lots.

I don’t have a ton to share this week but I managed to take photos of almost every meal I ate starting with Tuesday. AREN’T YOU EXCITED? I’ve been trying to think outside the box when it comes to getting vitamins via my food so this particular morning I threw in some roasted veggies we […]

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Weekend errands and yummy things

My Saturday was spent going to Kirkland’s, Petsmart, and to the local mall in order to return something to Belk. This weekend was Tax Free Weekend and going to any store during that time is a massive mistake. Every store we walked into was just overrun with people. Our cute little local adventure store, Leaf […]

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