Weekend errands and yummy things

My Saturday was spent going to Kirkland’s, Petsmart, and to the local mall in order to return something to Belk. This weekend was Tax Free Weekend and going to any store during that time is a massive mistake. Every store we walked into was just overrun with people. Our cute little local adventure store, Leaf in Creek, was having a sale so my mother wanted to go in for a new pair of Chaco’s.

If you’ve never tried these shoes they are amazing. So comfy! I wore mine during our Hawaii trip and they were great for all the walking and getting my feet wet. Chaco’s are a little bit pricey but are totally worth it.

Since we were at the mall my mother ‘needed’ to go into Pottery Barn. She bought a couple of pillow covers for her new couch that will be delivered this week and I got this adorable coffee mug. In my local store they were sold individually but on the website, it’s sold in a pair.

While I looked at the display of them I had a moment with one half of the same¬†sex couple standing in line ahead of us. One of them heard me say “A love is love mug!” and my mother say “well, love is love. are you doing to buy it?” and he turned to look over his shoulder. He visibly reacted. Then acknowledged us, asking how we were doing and when they left, he told us to have a nice day. It was such a small moment but it made my heart happy. I hope he felt the same way. I know it can’t be all that easy being in a same sex relationship in Alabama.

Sunday morning I decided I needed bacon and after cooking that I decided a BLT sounded good. Except I added wholly guacamole and a fried egg as well. I don’t often eat eggs because of the cholesterol so this was a nice treat. It was so so so good. Look at that golden yolk! We recently started buying Egglands Best eggs and they are so very yummy. I wanted to change the lettuce to spinach but we were all out ūüôĀ So I used iceberg, which did turn out great because of the fresh crunch. Now I want another one.

This weekend we made Ambitious Kitchen’s Sweet & Spicy BBQ Bacon Hawaiian Turkey Burgers. I ate mine with no bun (I’m out of gluten free busn), slaw we had leftover from the pulled pork we made a few days before, and pork n beans (Drum’s favorite). Delicious! We forgot to put the bacon into the turkey mix before grilling, and the only pineapples we had were chunks. ANYWAY. Still tasty AF. We are definitely going to make them again. We only eat ground turkey and are always looking for ways to spice things up.

Sunday night was Big Brother night and for some reason, the house was freezing and I decided I needed coffee. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend. How was your weekend?!

Fairy garden

I can’t believe I forgot to share these photos!! My mother really wanted a fairy garden and I helped her out recently. Flowers¬†were purchased at Lowe’s, Fairy garden supplies from Michael’s. I went a little overboard taking pictures of the set up but I couldn’t help myself. Look how cute!!!! You can click on photos […]

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Lipsense try out

I decided to give Lipsense a go! I’ve read/watched so many different opinions on it and figured I really needed to try it out myself. I posted several little video snippets on Instagram (see below) but I’m sharing the photos here. I may do a full youtube video at some point as well. I purchased […]

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Baby you’re a firework

A post shared by Amanda Graham (@shutterpecan) on Jul 3, 2017 at 4:59pm PDT It’s hard to believe it’s already July! Time just flies by faster and faster the older you get. I’m lucky that my office was closed both Monday and Tuesday for July 4th. On Monday we had some family over in the […]

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Meal Planning, week 1

So ok, I’ve been wanting to start meal planning for The Longest Time and finally did it last week, for this week. I’m sharing a few photos of recipes we used this week (so far). Monday was Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken¬†from Damn Delicious, which we added carrots and broccoli too. It turned out so […]

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New start

It’s me again, Margaret. I decided to start with a new domain name; one that is perhaps easier to remember and more all encompassing for everything I may plan to do in the future. Right now it’s pretty basic around here but I have my eye on a custom logo for the header as well […]

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TBEX Huntsville Alabama

This weekend there is a little travel bloggers conference happening in Huntsville Alabama. When I call it “little” I’m being somewhat sarcastic because it is far from little. The TBEX conference is around 500 people and occurs all over the world and showcases speakers from various aspects of travel, seminars, classes, and a plethora of […]

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